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Himbhoomi – Himachal Pradesh Himbhoomi Land Records System

Himbhoomi is the Land Record system which was developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) in association with Revenue Department of Himachal Pradesh, to provide Himachal Pradesh Himbhoomi Land Records for public through online. The Revenue and Land Reforms Department of Himachal Pradesh created the official website to reform the land records system in Himachal Pradesh State. The Himachal Pradesh state government is working on the computerization of land records across the state under the central government. check Himbhoomi online records from here.

Himbhoomi : Himachal Pradesh Land Records System:

The online land records system will help people to get their land details anywhere in the country. Once land records of all districts are digitized it will help the revenue department to easily update and alter the records as and when the changes occur in the land transactions. The Himachal Pradesh government has set up many data centers and record rooms in the districts which will store and update the land records from time to time. The Himachal Pradesh State Government created the website in coordination with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) of Himachal Pradesh for providing all land records. check all about himbhoomi from here.

How To Obtain HimBhoomi Himachal Pradesh Land Record System:

  • Go to Himachal Pradesh Land Record official website –
  • Click on “Apna Khatha Dekhe” link to obtain the Land Records (Khasra, Khata details).
  • On the map, click on the District where the land is located for eg. Patna. Currently, online land records are available only for districts marked with star.
  • Then, select your Anumandal/ Sub-division on the map for eg. Danapur.
  • Now, select Anchal/ Block from dropdown.
  • Select Mouza/ Village on left. You can filter Mouzas by clicking on any hindi alphabets provided.
  • Then, search Land Record by Khata, Khasra No. or by Name. Then click on “Khatha Dekhe” (Search Khata) option.
  • Now, click on “Dekhe” option to fetch your Land Record/ Record of Rights.
  • Then, save your Himachal Pradesh Land Records Report.

Why Land Records(Khasra, Khatha) Are Required?

The main aim of the Himachal Pradesh himbhoomi state government behind computerization of the land record is to reduce the time and money spent by the land owners to get the copies of their land records. The computerization of land records will increase the transparency between revenue and land reform department and the land owners residing in or away from Himachal Pradesh.

  • To establish land title during the sale of land and also registration of property.
  • To raise farm credit/loan from the Bank.
  • To check Mutation status.
  • For division of land.
  • For account opening in Bank.
  • Court purposes.
  • Personal purposes.

Land Records Terminology:

Exhaustive glossary of terms which have been used in Land and Revenue Records in India will help you in understanding the Himachal Pradesh himbhoomi land record properly.

Land Measurement Units:

The complete details on all land measurement units which have been used in India including Area Conversion Table and Length Conversion Table. Example:- You can find conversion factors for local land area units used in Himachal Pradesh – Bigha (Pucca), Kattha, Decimal, Dhur, Lecha etc.

Land Area Converter:

For quick conversion of one area unit to another, we can use the land area converter. It helps in covering land area units which are used in India includes local units such as Bigha, Kattha, Decimal, Dhur, Lecha etc.

Land Records Guide:

Himachal Pradesh Land Records are made available online only for information purposes. However, an authorized copy of Land Records can be obtained from local Revenue department office on payment of nominal fee. The Himachal Pradesh government has made the searching of land records much easier with as they have used Himachal Pradesh map to select the districts and Anchals. The Himbhoomi- Himachal Pradesh government is planning to digitize the land records of all the districts till the end of December of this year.

Updated: August 14, 2017 — 7:00 am

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