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Bhulekh Mp: Mp bhunaksha Lank Record Online

Bhulekh Mp: Madhya Pradesh(MP) Bhuabhilekh is the Land Record system which was developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) in association with Revenue Department of Madhya Pradesh, to provide Madhya Pradesh Land Records for public through online. The Revenue and Land Reforms Department of Madhya Pradesh created the official website to reform the land records […]

Dharnaksh Goa Land Records System

Dharnaksh Goa is the software system for providing Land Records online for public was developed by Directorate of Settlement and Land Records in association with National Informatics Center (NIC). Goa was the first state to have 100% computerized Land Records. Both rural and urban Record of Rights (RoR) are computerized. Goa Land Records System: The […]

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